I’ve shot my first two rolls of film on the camera I wrote about earlier (see below) with some interesting results. Got off to a bad start when I spent most of an afternoon shooting the first in bright sunshine in York, and then spoiled the entire roll because I couldn’t unload it properly. The second went better; I took some more photos in York, the rest in Leeds, and successfully extricated the film without any problems this time. I was a bit disappointed with the negatives when they came back; about half were spoilt and there wasn’t any sharpness on those that weren’t. I’m not a big fan of lo-fi photography really, I generally try and use the nicest equipment and materials I can afford and I’m not really all that forgiving of the light leaks and lens aberrations others think of as happy accidents. I’m still not entirely sure what caused all the spoilages, but at a guess I’d say that the shutter has trouble syncronising at it’s highest speed. It’s unfixable (for me anyway), but I think I can work round it. Currently shooting the third roll and doing my best to get some worthy photos out of it.

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